Proposed Green Line

We must rethink the high-cost, high-risk Green Line proposal.

With ballooning costs and greater risks, there is a more affordable option.

As taxpayers, we are concerned!

Local journalists agree with us. 

Respected transportation and engineering experts agree with us too.


To learn how the Green Line proposal keeps changing, see these City reports:

There is a more affordable option!

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Project shrinks as costs grow 

2017 (original plan)

  • Connect northeast communities to southeast communities (44 kms + 24 stations)
  • Budget: $4.65 Billion

2020 (revised plan)

  • Stage 1: Shepard to Eau Claire (20 kms + 15 stations)
  • Underground tunnels for downtown section
  • Revised budget: $4.9 Billion + $500 MM (for financing) + cost of development manager

2022 (current status)

  • Ground-loading cars purchased from Spanish supplier (not compatible with existing platform-loading cars)
  • Revised budget: $5.5 Billion
  • Spent to date: $1 Billion

2023 (ongoing)

  • Contractor consortium selected with their cost estimates to be confirmed in 12-16 months
  • Spend by year end 2023: $1.5 Billion

It’s never too late to do the right thing!

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Budget: $4.65 Billion

Revised budget: $4.9 Billion + $500 MM (financing)

$1 Billion spent so far Upgrading utilities

Cost by year end: $1.5 Billion (est)

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It's never too late to do the right thing!


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