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Why buy a Ferrari when a Ford makes sense?


We recommend a more affordable option.

Transportation and engineering experts agree with us.

So do business and community leaders.


See our SUBMISSION (PDF) and recommendations.


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South Health Campus<br />
and Setonto capture more riders

A more affordable option

The proposed Green Line is a high-risk, huge-cost megaproject. The biggest ever in Calgary!

Our affordable option recommends:

  1. Extend line from 7th Avenue to the South Health Campus and Seton (past Shepard to more densely populated southeast communities)
  2. Cancel costly, unsafe underground tunnels in flood-prone downtown
  3. Start at 7th Ave & 3 St SE, not Eau Claire
  4. Hire local contractors for surface and elevated construction
  5. Improve bus service from downtown to northeast communities

And inform taxpayers of real, ongoing costs.

It’s never too late to do the right thing!

See our SUBMISSION (PDF) and recommendations.

Big wins!

The affordable option delivers major advantages:
  • Huge savings by eliminating high-cost, high-risk underground tunnels
  • Access to downtown for people living past Shepard to South Health Campus and Seton reaching 74% of the people in southeast communities compared to only 26% living in communities from downtown to Shepard (information compiled from public sources by Jayman)
  • Faster start-up and more local construction jobs created sooner
  •  Peace-of-mind for taxpayers as financial/political risks are minimized as City Council approves a more affordable option
  • New construction jobs, investment, and affordable transportation to hubs where people live
  • No massive debts to cripple Calgarians for generations

Our city faces unforeseen challenges and exciting new opportunities. Calgarians need effective transportation routes. But this proposal locks us into a high-cost, high-risk plan with no flexibility in a changing economy.

Let’s avoid long-term, fixed solutions.  Let’s learn from the mistakes of other LRT megaprojects across Canada.

It’s never too late to do the right thing! 


CityCentreConnection_The affordable option delivers major advantages

Budget: $4.65 Billion

Revised budget: $4.9 Billion + $500 MM (financing)

$1 Billion spent upgrading utilities

Estimated Cost: +/- $1.5 Billion

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It's never too late to do the right thing!


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