While Quebec blocks Alberta oil, Montreal company gets Green Line contract  |  Western Standard  |  Lindsey Wilson  |
DOWNLOAD PDF HERE   NOTE: Ian Bourne was Chair of the SNC Lavalin Board – and is now Vice Chair of the Green Line Board

Continuous chaos consumes city council   | Calgary Herald | Chris Nelson

Metrolinx explains why Ontario Line costs nearly tripled  |   Global News

Gondek, Smith UCP meet on Calgary Green Line, Smith won’t budge  | Calgary Herald  | Rick Bell

Smith UCP says no more dough for ‘Nenshi nightmare’ Green Line   | Calgary Herald  | Rick Bell      DOWNLOAD PDF HERE

Green Line board staying mum on cost overruns, will present recommendations to council July 30   Calgary Herald | Scott Strasser |     DOWNLOAD PDF HERE

Danielle Smith’s UCP government tells Gondek no more cash for Green Line LRT|  Calgary Herald   | Rick Bell

Higher cost estimates could spur change for Calgary’s Green Line LRT project |CTV News Calgary | ​Tyson Fedor​ 

‘The market is tough’: Councillors warned Green Line costs could go up | Calgary Herald   | Scott Strasser

Brookman: Taxpayers feel ignored as council moves to the beat of own drum | Calgary Herald   | George Brookman

Opinion: Speak out before Green Line steamrolls over taxpayers | Calgary Herald  Steve Allan, Brian Felesky, Jim Gray

Government officially cancels Auckland Light Rail | 1news.co.nz   

Tunnel troubles shut some stations along Ottawa’s beleaguered LRT system again|Globalnews.ca | Canadian Press

City Hall swims in billions, pleads poverty, wants more | Calgary Sun Rick Bell

Is the Green Line LRT on the right track? Many say it’s past time to pivot on costly rail line |  Calgary Herald   | Lisa Corbella

Council should fix transit, not expand it | Calgary Herald | Chris Nelson

Governments keep pushing public transit Canadians don’t want | Financial Post | Philip Cross

Canadians deserve more than smug silence when public projects go off the rails | Globe and Mail (PDF)

Western Standard: Cory Morgan interviews Jim Gray (Interview starts at 14:40)

Leaders must face the music for city fiascos | National Post

MAKICHUK: The Green Line plan needs a serious second look | Western Standard

The Ottawa LRT was supposed to change the city, but it has, for the worse | Mackenzie Gray

The Economist: From high-speed rail to the Olympics, why do big projects go wrong (PDF)

Many Canadian offices are empty. It could be the economy’s canary in the coal mine

High Costs Shrink Transit Plans in Austin, Philadelphia, Atlanta – Bloomberg

Corbella: Is the Green Line LRT on the right track? Many say it’s past time to pivot on costly rail line | Calgary Herald 

Calgary Green Line costs will only continue to skyrocket: CCA

Ottawa’s LRT didn’t go wrong. It started wrong. Globe and Mail 

Councillors seek clarity on SNC-Lavalin’s involvement with Green Line

New CEO of Calgary’s Green Line confident downtown tunnel can go ahead |CBC News

No TransLink Tax | Vancouver citizens helped defeat a proposed transit tax

The mayor and council insist the Green Line be built using tunnels beneath downtown — through shifting, water-logged gravels and sands — and assert it’s a financially responsible option. It is not.


Op Ed - Ad Hoc Committee -

We have a low level of confidence in our ability to deliver all of Stage 1 within available funding.


- Don Fairbairn -

Chair Greenline Board

Green Line project lost in event centre hype. No one seems sure about anything when it comes to this massive project.


- George Brookman -

Chair WCD Ltd.

$4.65 Billion

44 Km + 29 Stops

$4.9 Billion + $500 MILLION

 20 Km + 15 Stops

$1 Billion spent

Upgrading Utilities

$5.5 - $10 BILLION

20 Km + 13 Stops

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